quarta-feira, 5 de abril de 2017

1952 - Strauss - Salome (Moralt, Wegner, Metternich)


Walburga Wegner (Salome)
Georgine von Milinkovic (Herodias)
Josef Metternich (Jochanaan)
László Szemere (Herod)
Waldemar Kmentt (Narraboth)

Rudolf Moralt conduz a Filarmônica de Vienna, 1952


Postagem dedicada a minha amiga Aline :)

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Anônimo disse...

Maravilhoso ! Obrigado aos que organizam o blog, agora posso apreciar cada vez mais a música erudita

Tin Ear disse...

Do your OWN LP transfers and sleeve scans instead of copying MY work without attribution!

Falsário Chicote disse...

Are you seriously claiming 'rights' for a material that you are just pirating just as I am doing?

I didn't even know your blog. Iike most of the content posted here, I downloaded these files from Soulseek many years ago. And the art cover I just googled 'salome mortal wegner' and found that image.

I do not even have these inner covers (thanks for that), as you could have seen if you had downloaded these files before bulshitting me