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1993 - Edvard Grieg - Complete String Quartets (Raphael String Quartet)

EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907)

Raphael String Quartet:
Ronald Hoogeveen, violin
Ramy Koch, violin
Zoltan Benyacz, viola
Henk Lambooij, cello
Jet Roling, piano (tr. 6)

Olympia OCD 432


String Quartet no. 1 in G minor, op. 27 (1878)
1) i Un poco andante. Allegro molto ed agitato
2) ii Romanze: Andantino. Allegro agitato
3) iii Intermezzo: Allegro molto marcato. Piu vivo e scherzando
4) iv Finale: Lento. Presto al Saltarello

Fugue in F minor for String Quartet
5) Allegro con fuoco

Movement in C minor for Piano Trio (1878)
6) Andante con moto

String Quartet no. 2 in F major (completed by Julius Rontgen)
7) i Sostenuto. Allegro vivace e grazioso
8) ii Allegro scherzando. Piu vivo
9) iii Adagio
10) iv Allegro giocoso


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Anônimo disse...

Hi Falsario Chicote,

Sorry, not a comment on Edvard Greig but a request for a fix on an older post that is missing some tracks. Aida by Leinsdorf / Price / Domingo. Details in the comments section there.

Asked about this a while ago but no response so thought I'd try on front page.

Thanks again for sharing so much music I would never get a chance to hear otherwise.


Falsário Chicote disse...

Oops, sorry for the delay:)

I always try, as far as possible, meet the requests but sometimes it is difficult but sometimes a request that another is lost in the midst of so many emails hehehe
Try to resolve the problem as soon as possible, so I do notice here.


Anônimo disse...

No worries. (as we say in Australia)

I just wasn't sure if you knew about the problem seeing it was an old post.

Appreciate your time and effort with this blog.