quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013

1983 - Rampal plays Scott Joplin

01. Maple Leaf Rag
02. Elite Syncopations
03. Bethena [A Concert Waltz]
04. Combination March
05. Entertainer [A Ragtime Two Step]
06. Cascades [A Rag]
07. Cleopha [March and Two Step]
08. Ragtime Dance
09. Chrysanthemum [An Afro-American Intermezzo]
10. Favorite [Ragtime Two Step]
11. Original Rags
12. Harmony Club Waltz
13. Great Crush Collision March


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2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

please upload la boheme with papantooniou-pavarotti or lucia aliberti singing operas

John Newman disse...

Good.... you could host more rags here!!
Suggestion: Morten Gunnar Larsen playing Joplin and others in "Fingerbraker". A rather rare CD, but there are a couple of links on
P2P programs anywhere..
That's it.